"Population pressure and the stress of modern life may cause an increase in violent tendencies. The urban environment is the incubator for all sorts of undesirable behaviors.
However much this atrocity disgusts us, he may actually consider himself a hero.
This is common among those who are referred to by the popular slang, going postal.
In his tortured mind, he may feel he was battling against impossible odds. It is not unusual for some individuals to believe that the entire fate of the world rests in their palm.
In the end, our subject displays all the classic symptoms of a paranoid delusional.
We may never know exactly what set him off but, rest assured,
we will have plenty of time to study him."

Created by Running with Scissors and known for its controversies, the POSTAL games are something to behold, with Postal/Postal Redux and Postal 2 being some of my favourite games ever.

Postal (1997) and Postal Redux (2016), isometric shooters, both have this dry, dark sort of humour, opting to create a more dark and heavy atmosphere, which is pretty fitting considering the content and premise of the game itself.

The rest of the other games are much lighter in tone in comparison to Postal/Postal Redux, being more juvenile, and delightfully politically incorrect, still keeping with the violent nature of their predecessor if one chooses to go postal.